EVT Zoom talks 2021

The new programme of talks is open to everyone, whether members of the Trust or not and is completely free of charge.

The talks will be given via Zoom. To register for a talk please click on the link associated with the talk that you want to join below. You will then be sent an email with details of how to join the Zoom session for the talk. You are welcome to register for as many of the talks as you want to.

Talk 1: Thursday April 22nd at 19.30 pm

Dr Iain Reid will discuss:

Fish of the Midlothian Esks placed within the wider context of the Forth district: present challenges and future potential

Iain is a well-known aquatic ecologist who has been involved in a number of projects at the Forth Rivers Trust. He enjoys any opportunity to get involved in environmental education and to help people learn more about the rivers around them.

To register for this talk click on this link.

Talk 2: Friday 28 May at 19.30 pm

Karen Inkster will discuss:

Rights and responsibilities in maintaining access to the countryside

Karen is a Field Officer with Scotways, The Scottish Rights of Way and Access Society. She has a wealth of experience in developing pathways and maintaining rights of access. She also has a passion for horses and recently won the International Equine Travel award for her book ‘The Deaf, the Daft and the Dipsy’ which records her adventures as she took her wayward horse (not forgetting her dog) on a journey through the Outer Hebrides.This talk will be given alongside the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Trust.

To register for this talk click on this link.

Talk 3: Thursday 24 June at 19.30 pm

Dr Anna Griffin (and colleagues) will discuss:

Managing river impacts in the Esk rivers

Anna is the river basin management coordinator for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) based in Dumfries. She has a very active involvement in all aspects of river basin management for the Esk rivers including pollution and flood management.

To register for this talk click on this link.

Talk 4: Thursday 26 August at 19.30 pm

Professor Roger Crofts will discuss:

The Esk valleys: working with nature for a better future

Roger is well known as a distinguished academic geographer with a career in many aspects of environmental and land management including having been the founding CEO of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). He is a Trustee of the Esk Valley Trust and enthusiastic about everything that he does.

To register for this talk click on this link.

Talk 5: Friday 8 October at 19.30 pm

Dr Joanna Soden will talk about:

Artists and Photographers along the river Esk

Joanna is a former Collections Curator at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture. As an independent art historian she has a special interest in Scottish art since 1900. Her previous talks hosted by the EVT as part of the 2018 and 2019 Midlothian Outdoor Festivals  were ‘sellouts’. This talk is planned to be part of the 2021 Festival.

To register for this talk click on this link.

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