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The catchment area of the River Esk, from source to sea, is the geographical area of our concern, interest and activity.

The river North Esk rises in the Pentland Hills above the N. Esk Reservoir while the source of the river South Esk is beyond Gladhouse Reservoir in the Moorfoot Hills. Both rivers flow northeast through wooded valleys rich in wildlife, history, towns and villages, to their confluence at Waters’ Meet in Dalkeith Country Park.

As one river, The Esk then flows for a short distance through East Lothian where its banks form an attractive backdrop to the seaside town of Musselburgh situated at its mouth on the Firth of Forth.

  • What next for the Penicuik Estate?
    The next Esk Valley Trust Zoom talk will be given by Edward Clerk who is the latest member of the Clerk family to manage the estate. He will talk about future plans for the Penicuik Estate on Thursday January 26th starting at 19.30 To register for the talk click on: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMrcOGhqDkoE9fpIFqco5K0NKeccNHtgVby Known and loved by its many visitors the Penicuik Estate has been owned by the Clerk family since 1654 when John Clerk, a merchant with an emporium in Paris specialising in fine art, bought Penicuik Estate with the original Newbiggin House. Since then there have been many developments with the house (including, of course, the disastrous fire of 1899 which reduced the new Penicuik House to a shell) and the estate with its Designed Landscape. The impact of the Clerk family on Scotland’s intellectual, cultural and scientific history, has been immense and today Edward Clerk manages the Estate, is overseeing the next stages in its development and, in partnership with Penicuik House Preservation Trust, oversees the running of the conserved ruin of Penicuik House and the restoration of the Designed Landscape for the benefit of the local community and numerous visitors every year. Plans for the Estate never stand still and Edward Clerk’s talk will outline the plans for the next stage in the development of this significant part of Scotland’s heritage. The talk is free to all.
  • Talk - William Fergusson, surgeon extraordinaire. Thurs 10th November
    William Fergusson, who established his formidable reputation as a surgeon before the advent of anaesthesia, was born in 1808 in Prestonpans. He rapidly gained a strong reputation as a surgeon and, in 1840, accepted an invitation to become Professor of Surgery at King’s College London and Surgeon to King’s College Hospital. His many achievements made him perhaps the most celebrated surgeon of his time. He died in London in 1877 and is buried at West Linton. Peter Raine, himself a paediatric surgeon, will talk about William Fergusson’s life and work in the next Esk Valley Trust Zoom talk on Thursday November 10th at 19.30 hrs.
  • Talk - Protecting Musselburgh from flooding
    In his talk Conor will specifically address the approach taken to incorporating natural and catchment flood risk reduction options.

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